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What's the Arizona VLT?

The Arizona VLT (Vehicle License Tax) is the major fee among others that you have to pay every 1 to 2 years when you register your gasoline/diesel vehicle at the Arizona Division of Motor Vehicles office/website or an Authorized Third Party office.

The Arizona VLT is calculated from the base retail price of the vehicle and the year it was first registered. This fee can be expensive every year, therefore you might find it useful to know the cost in advance. This Arizona VLT Calculator will help you easily calculate your vehicle's VLT for current, future, and past years.

Is the vehicle new or used?

help Most vehicles that have been registered once are considered legally "Used," even if the vehicle is of the latest model year. Some vehicles are considered legally "New" if they have never been registered, even if they are a couple or several years old. Make sure to know which one applies to your vehicle.

What is the manufacturer's base retail price of the vehicle?

help This is also known as the "MSRP" or "List Price" of the vehicle. You can find the 'List Price' on the vehicle's title. You could also do a VIN check online of the vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to find out the base price.

What year was the vehicle first registered?

help This is the year when the very first owner registered the vehicle for the first time regardless of state. You can find the 'First Registered' month and year on the vehicle's title, or you could also do a VIN check online to find this out. You only need to know the month if the vehicle was first registered in 1998.

What year is the vehicle being registered?

help Enter the current year to calculate the VLT for this year. Or if you want to look ahead, enter a future year to see what the VLT will be in the future; and if you want to see the VLT of a used vehicle for a past year, enter the past year.
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Other fees potentially included in the registration cost

  • Registration Fee: $8.00
  • Air Quality Fee: $1.50
  • License Plate: $5.00 (first time registration only)
  • Find out more info at: ADOT
  • Register your vehicle at: AZ MVD Now

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